From the smallest home modification to the largest home renovation, WorkHorse Renovations is the first choice for your home remodeling projects. Since 1997, WorkHorse Renovations has been very quality oriented and cost conscious with our customer’s money. We use efficient designs and Green building methods resulting in Uncommonly Good Craftsmanship and satisfied customers.

Our two leading managers have a total of 55 years of experience in the building trades. We are schooled in all areas of residential building and most areas of commercial building. We are committed to designing projects to be energy, water and resource efficient. We strive to continually keep up with current trends and modern design patterns keeping us on the innovative forefront of home remodeling.

We provide outstanding experience and professionalism for the smaller home improvements that are every bit as important as larger remodeling projects.

We will provide you with an accurate estimate that will require a field visit; taking measurements and understanding your living habits and how you plan to use the space.

Spend the money today, enjoy your newly renovated space tomorrow, then enjoy a healthy return when it’s time to sell.

One thing is for sure, we’ll work with you to make your project affordable. We continue to work with our clients beyond the warranty period and strive to ensure that the client’s visions are met and that the quality of our completed projects are maintained.

WorkHorse Renovations is fully licensed, bonded and insured. All documents available upon request.

WorkHorse Renovations' Founder and President
Bruce Douglas, MBA

Founder and President

"When we decided to have a master bedroom addition built, we interviewed many contractors and chose Bruce and WorkHorse Renovations. Despite the unique difficulties of our project, the outcome was just fantastic. We love going to bed in our new room; it is literally our oasis. We have nothing but praise for his team of professional craftsmen."

Danny and Debi W. Yorklyn, DE